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Volunteer Action for Peace is a UK based charity organisation which works towards creating and preserving international peace, justice and human solidarity for people and their communities.


Through a range of working projects both in the UK and around the world, VAP provides volunteers with opportunities to work together with people from around the globe and in partnership with local groups to enhance and empower communities.


VAP currently operates through a network of partner organisations in about 80 countries worldwide, meaning that you can combine taking part in a rewarding voluntary project and an exciting cultural exchange with your travel experience of a lifetime!


You can select a project from our range of:

Short term Workcamp Projects (2-4 weeks)

Medium Term Volunteering (1-6 months)

Long Term Volunteering (6+ months)


Fees range from £150 to £190 including membership and, in some cases, training.


If you’re looking for a life-changing experience; are interested in volunteering; are taking a gap year or would like to learn new skills then look no further!


For more information and details of projects available please check our website.




Tel: 0844 2090927