Manchester Active Voices

1 Opportunity


North West England


  3. Manchester Active Voices Youth
  4. Empowerment Programme, a community
  5. interest company which features aDirectorship Board of young people together
  7. with a Youth Advisory Group. The remit of theBoard will be to develop strategic servicesand opportunities for young people at a grass
  8. roots level.
  10. The aims of Manchester Active Voices YouthEmpowerment programme are:
  12. • To raise awareness of issues impacting on young people within the UK.
  13. • To provide opportunities for young people to engage with the community.
  14. The Manchester Active Voices Youth Empowerment Programme is rooted in a community
  15. development approach which is based on the belief that success and the sustainability of any activities
  16. promoting young people depends on their local support, local resources and specific local context of
  17. need.
  18. It is essential that we work towards enabling young people to move from a position of social alienation
  19. towards resilience and empowerment enabling the development of future ambassadorial and
  20. leadership roles within our communities.
  21. In order for young people to work with issues which may be affecting the function of their day-to day
  22. lives, and especially their performance at school, college or employment opportunities it is necessary
  23. to create a neutral service, thus encouraging young people to share their experiences, concerns and
  24. thoughts which will work towards improving any pre-dicted / premeditated outcome.