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Greater London


Exposure is a voluntary youth organisation enabling children and young people from all backgrounds, including disadvantaged groups and those from areas of deprivation, to participate and achieve their fullest potential in the media.

Exposure aims to give young people:

  • a meaningful out-of-school activity, which increases self-esteem and rewards commitment;

  • nationally accredited media training opportunities in journalism, design, desk-top publishing, photography, magazine production, web design, advertising and video production;

  • a chance to develop a range of key skills in communication, information technology, numeracy and literacy on a nationally recognised expressive arts award programme;

  • valuable work experience, which includes creative thinking, working in a team, meeting deadlines, doing presentations, servicing clients, and acting in a mature and responsible manner;

  • an independent voice which can contribute to the democratic process;

  • an incentive to learn about and address issues that affect them to develop their sense of good citizenship;

  • an information and education service by and for young people for their peers and the whole community.

Based in Haringey, Exposure publishes the free Exposure youth magazine, which is distributed to schools and other educational establishments in and around the borough, and undertakes other publishing, video production, advertising, design and internet activities.