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A young man making a great contribution to his local project

What was the background that led to the young person getting involved?
Trevor was part of the existing youth group (OTS Off the Street) and was showing leadership potential. He is a strong character with a quick temper and was prone to jump in to protect himself.  The project team at Just 42 spotted ways that this could be channelled.  
Trevor is part of a friendship group who wanted to stay as part of the OTS team and not move on as they got older.  Offering youth work training was an opportunity for Just 42 to build and extend T’s skills.

What did the young person do?

Trevor started by turning up early, and helps set up for the evening session.  In this way they could have at least 15 minutes to play pool and be part of the adult team.  Trevor with others in the group watched the way the male workers managed other young people – particularly in difficult situations.  Through this Trevor has become ‘the graffiti king’ and has decorated the boards to soundproof the centre room and encourages other young people to help.  Trevor notices vulnerable young people and includes them in aspects of the work of the centre.  
Trevor also uses his street dance skills to accompany other young people to encourage their confidence and their skills.

Who or what helped the young person to succeed?
Two male workers from Just 42 have mentored Trevor, also Trevor’s own attitude has helped him to take on positive input and feedback.
A worker from the project said that Trevor has a great ability to monitor his thinking and is always willing to try a new approach.  Trevor’s mentor got to know him and found about his love of dance and worked with him to enable him to go to dance lessons.

What were the challenges?

One challenge was Trevor’s sense of commitment.  He had a very strong sense of responsibility and was afraid of letting Just 42 down if he was unable to make a session.

Trevor’s home situation was also a challenge as he lives with friends which as it is not permanent it had the potential to be difficult.

What’s changed or is better as a result – and how do you know?
Trevor’s personal life is more settled and now has a steady relationship with his girlfriend. T is doing OK at college and he is much calmer and thinks a lot more before he reacts.

In terms of Trevor’s contribution to the project Just 42 a worker described him as wonderful as he turns up early, sets up and gets stuck in with all the things that need doing.  He is an excellent role model to the other young people in the project.  He is very clear about what he can and can’t do always presents himself well, exudes enthusiasm for life, and doesn’t smoke or do drugs.

Trevor’s dancing and artistic skills are really strong and he is developing a belief that he can do it for himself and others.

What happens next?
Trevor is continuing to explore who he is and realise that he can take more control and take his own challenges.  Through this he continues to make a great contribution to the Just 42 project.


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