Cydonie: Working for her project

by maxineg on Thu, 2011-02-24 10:48
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A young woman making a brilliant contribution to her local project


What was the background that led the young person getting involved?
Cydonie was initially as part of the project through a relationship with one young man and then a relationship with another.  Through conversations with the worker Cydonie wanted to be part of the group who were youth workers in training and wanted to build her cv.
Cydonie developed a good relationship with the workers and was drawn to the clear boundaries and purpose of the project.

What did the young person do?
Cydonie is one of those people that is good to be around.  She is a visual learner, very articulate and enjoys being with adults who she respects and learns from.  Monday nights gives stability and safety to her life which otherwise is quite challenging.
She helps set up, and she models closeness and affection and always has a kind word.  She observes other young people and networks with hard to reach groups and young people and supports the adult team to engage with them.  She raises the awareness of the project of activity around drugs, drink and the social scene although she used to smoke and take drugs she has now given up which shows a strong will power and a commitment to change.

Who or what helped the young person to succeed?

Cydonie’s boyfriend and her desire to be recognised, and her need to be needed and part of a group.
Just 42 has given her the opportunity to be part of a team and be part of their strong family approach.

What were the challenges?
Cydonie’s home situation is changeable and means that has had to cope with less stability than other young people.
She had to work with her ‘stickability’ to see the project through rather than move on.

What’s changed or is better as a result – and how do you know?

Cydonie has succeeded in knowing who she is and is in a stable place.  Food, drink warmth, shelter and meets her basic needs at Just 42 which enables her to consider what she can do next.  This stability means that she can bring her skills and knowledge in child care from the project into the work of the project.  The worker says that her presence in the project really helps make the work gel.  
People have noticed the way Cydonie is with other young people so that they feel that they belong.  Also through the relationship with her boyfriend they model closeness and affection.  Cydonie also is available to others, understands people’s difficult circumstances and also understands when people are not being genuine.

What happens next?
Cydonie will continue with the project, her training and will continue discovering her own talents and acceptance of herself and others.
This search and availability to others gives a good lead and model to other young people at the project.


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