Case study: Summer Arts Project in Harlow

by maxineg on Tue, 2011-03-15 14:04
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Two young people work with tutors to produce an accredited practical art course aimed at young people who lack confidence in their art skills.


The project

To run an accredited, practical art course, aimed at young people who lack confidence in their artwork and believe that they do not have the art skills to take art to GCSE level.  The aim is for them to learn that they can enjoy and achieve at the level that suits them.

This year, the target was young people from poor and/or disadvantaged areas in Harlow.  We understand (not confirmed) that five of the ten participants are in receipt of free school meals.  The ages of the young people ranged from 10 – 14 years.

Overall evaluation
Young people experienced practical art in three media – silk painting, spray painting and acrylic painting and visited an art gallery to learn about local artists.  All of the young people have:
•    Produced a substantial amount of artwork which was displayed at an exhibition
•    Built up a folder of evidence to support:
      ASDAN Expressive Arts Award
      Silver Essex Arts Award
•    Identified their favourite art media.
•    Recognised their learning and reviewed each session.
•    Evaluated the course and stated their progression intentions.
•    Had FUN!

We achieved 100% retention of the young people on the course.

The amount of funding received was substantially less than was applied for and was confirmed just two weeks before the course began.  As a result, the course was shortened to four days instead of the intended ten days and the young people participating were relatively young.  

The project could not have taken place at all without the partnership working and support we received from the Essex Involvement Team and Integrated Youth Services West Area.

What next?
All of the young people want the project to run again next year.  They realise that it would not directly benefit them, but would give different young people the same experience that they have had.  Three of them have volunteered to be ‘helpers’ if it takes place again.

One young person has already applied to take art at GCSE level – this is a direct result from her attending the course.

We shall look for any funding that might be available to run the project again and remain open to the possibility of running it with a different ‘customer’ group.


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