Competition: The perfect title

by Leonie Shanks on Wed, 2010-12-22 17:18
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Give us the perfect title for our next publication!

 The Youth of Today is looking for an attention-grabbing and snazzy title for our next publication, and we need your help!

 What’s it about?

 The report focuses on young people’s transitions to employment, and argues that current curricula, pedagogy and careers guidance fail to provide sufficient opportunity for young people to gain practical skills and real insights into or knowledge of the workplace. The report also recommends ways in which to assist young people in making the transition from education to work smoother, drawing on insights that arose from a lot of research designed and conducted by and for young people.

 We have a working subtitle of ‘empowering young people in their transitions to work’ for the report, but we need a catchy headline title– and we’re not averse to any suggestions about the subtitle either!

 Why do we need your help?

 We think it’s only appropriate that, since this report is all about young people and developed from a lot of research conducted by young people, we should ask you to come up with a cool and creative title that will capture the message of the report! So please get your thinking caps on and send us your suggestions for titles. Perhaps you can play around with fitting song lyrics or think of another pop culture reference that would also capture the message of our work. All you need to do is use your imaginations and have a go!

 What’s in it for me?

 If we choose your title, your ideas will be immortalized in print on the front cover of our report. And if that’s not a big enough incentive for you, there’ll also be a Youth of Today hoodie for the winner. Send your ideas to


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