Case study: Vision Youth Leadership

by Kine Nordstokka on Wed, 2011-03-16 16:01
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Name: Vision Youth Leadership
Location: Canada
Date Founded: 2001
Mission: Help youth develop lifelong skills so they can become visionary leaders of the future


Background and aims

 Vision Youth Leadership (VYL) was founded in 2001. It was set up to complement the regular school curriculum to help youth develop life skills which prepare them to become successful and responsible leaders. VYL aims to achieve this through creating a supportive and inspiring environment that helps the participants develop important leadership qualities such as self- confidence, social conscience, team-working skills, responsible thinking and social skills. The many outdoor activities organised by VYL are also aimed at creating an appreciation of the nature and environment in the young people.

The Innovation

The programmes offered by VYL are created with the aim of encouraging civic participation. Its holistic training includes the development of physical, social, and leadership skills through a variety of activities and challenges. Creativity and innovation are rapidly becoming more important in this fast-changing world. VYL’s youth programmes provide an environment that brings out the imagination, passion and energy in the young participants. The main aim of these programmes is to inspire the young people to become innovative and visionary leaders.

Key Ingredients

The programme provides a series of indoor workshops and outdoor activities to prepare the young participants to realise his or her leadership potential.

The indoor workshops are designed to develop both theoretical and practical skills through learning experiences that mixes fun with practical training. Some examples of the indoor workshops are Learning Experiences through Artistic Performances (LEAP), First Aid, Public Speaking and Social Awareness.  The outdoor training sessions provide mental and physical challenges to the youth. The activities are created to give the young people who take part a sense of achievement and enables them to see their own potential.The outdoor activities include activities such as hiking, camping, leadership camps and rock climbing.

The programmes are divided into Gold, Silver and Bronze programmes. Bronze programmes are for 14 to 17 years. When you have graduated from the Bronze you are eligible to attend a Silver programme, which in turn enable you to take part in the Gold programmes.

When applying for these programmes the young people have to write a project proposal for a community service project. The community service project is a key part of the programmes. The aim of these is to develop a sense of service in the young people and to enable them to understand the needs of the community they live in. These projects also teach the young people team work, co-operation, project management and planning.


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