Case study: One Young World

by Kine Nordstokka on Thu, 2011-03-17 16:39
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Name: One Young World
Location: Worldwide
Date Founded: 2010
Mission: Connect and bring together the youngest, brightest and best and to ensure that their concerns, opinions and solutions are heard.


Background and aims

One Young World was founded by David Jones and Kate Robertson. David has a background in advertising, and was the youngest CEO in the history of the industry. Kate has been Chairman of the Euro RSCG Group since 2006 and has been in the advertising industry for 26 years. They both have a passion for change and innovation. As the global CEO of Havas Worldwide David has made a name for himself as a force for change. Kate grew up in South Africa during apartheid, and her world view is therefore shaped by having witnessed the systemic changes in the country. She is inspired by leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and believes that the shared humanity of people makes every good thing possible. Out of these experiences and inspirations grew the idea for One Young World. The Olympic movement also inspired its vision to give young people a chance to meet their counterparts from every country in the world and resolve to make the world a better place in the knowledge that it is one world with one human race.  

The Innovation

One Young World is gathering young people of leadership calibre from around the world and gives them a voice in some of the most pressing global issues of today. One Young World recognises the potential and value in young people’s ideas and fresh thinking and works to ensure that their concerns, opinions and solutions are heard. That is why the Global Consultation Process is a vital part of its annual Summits. The Global Consultation Process is a poll for young people between the ages of 18 and 27 year olds on their views on issues such as religion, conflict resolution, politics, human rights, corruption, media, business, environment and health. The young people are also asked to rank world issues in order of importance of needing to be addressed. These issues include world poverty, environment, global economic stability, spread of disease, war on terror and others. The results of this poll feed into the agenda of the One Young World Summit where the young leaders focus on the six issues which was identified as most pressing issues. Plenary sessions are facilitated by inspirational leaders such as Kofi Annan, Muhammad Yunus and Desmond Tutu. Together the participants work on six resolutions which are being implemented and monitored by One Young World Ambassadors after the Summit.

Looking forward

The next Annual One Young World Summit will be held in Zurich, Switzerland in September 2011. One Young World Counsellors such Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Bob Geldof and Muhammad Yunus will take part in the summit to inspire and facilitate dialogue between the young leaders.


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