Leadership resources

Great resources for young leaders

Maybe you're thinking of getting involved in your community, or maybe you've started your own organisation. Maybe you're searching for funding, or maybe you're looking for inspiration. We've come across some great resources, and they might be of use to you on your leadership journey.

Challenge and Lead

Challenge and Lead is a resource which young people can use to develop leadership skills and undertake challenges.

This five stage process has been developed by young people and youth workers and is based on the NYA’s principles and practice of Hear by Right.

Young people have been using the format to make a real difference go to the Global Optimist Website to read some of their stories.

Download the resource now - Challenge and Lead  (PDF)


Young people can also get national accreditation when they lead change and make a difference.
The Youth Leadership Team at the NYA has just piloted new National Open College Network (NOCN) units.
The units are at Level 1, 2 and 3 and are simple to use.  You will need to register young people with a local centre and liaise with them to gain the accreditation.
Download the NOCN units
Download the NOCN checklists
Download the Accreditation Guide

Leadership Framework

Partner organisations have been meeting together to draw up a Leadership Framework.  The framework draws up a common language to describe leadership opportunities.  There are also accompanying activities which make up a toolkit to help young people to assess their leadership skills and contributions and for organisations to check out how young people are involved in leading within their work.

Download the Leadership Framework now

Finding other opportunities

There are some brilliant databases out there that can connect you with opportunities to lead. Some of our favourites are:

vInspired - Volunteering opportunities in any shape and size

Plings - Places to go and things to do

What's Up Information - Loads of things to do for Londoners

Creative Corners- Specialises in creative projects for creative people

Community Service Volunteers- Volunteering and training opportunities all over the UK

Enternships- Entrepreneurial work placements

Citizens Advice Bureau- Advisory volunteering opportunities in your local community

AIESEC- challenging, cultural work internships for students and recent graduates

BUNAC- Working adventures worldwide

Concordia International Volunteers- volunteering opportunities all over the world


Starting your own

Check out online resource Junction 49 where you can share and develop ideas to make a difference.

Enterprise Education Trust- Teaches and supports young people in the setting up and running of their own enterprise projects

Virgin media Pioneer- join an online blogging community for young entrepreneur and a series of sessions to develop your skills and build your business network.

The prince’s Youth Business international- a global network of independent initiatives which provide young people with the opportunity to start their own business

Junior Achievement- educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs.

Somewhereto lets you set up campaigns to get space to do your own thing.

Global Entrepreneurship Week can give you loads of inspiration - and show you just how much energy there is out there!

Generation V from Ashoka is an online community of young changemakers.




I do Ideas- Grants to young people who wants to make a difference

Check out O2 and the National Youth Agency's grant scheme for young people, Think Big.

The Big Challenge has annual contests to fund the best youth-led projects.

V Cashpoint has regular funding rounds

Curious Minds- a financial award for young people (14-25) who wish to take their successful enterprise projects further. The fund will aim to recognise enterprising behaviour, encouraging young entrepreneurs to achieve their full potential.

Jack Petchey Foundation- funds aiming at helping young people take advantage of opportunities and play a full part in society


Skills-building and networking

You can hone your public speaking by becoming part of a local Toastmasters Club - there are loads of locations throughout the UK and internationally.

If you're keen to get a longer exposure to leadership in the workplace, get a job and learn skills in the workplace, consider an apprenticeship. Check out the Apprenticeships Vacancy Matching Service.

The YouthNoise website is a great place to connect with others who care about the world - and you can try your hand at blogging and having a say.

TakingITGlobal links you up with tuned-in young people from around the world.

Common Purpose- runs courses for young people to develop their leadership and citizenship skills

TiE Young Entrepreneurs- The aim of the TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) Global Program is to empower our youth to become the next generation of entrepreneurs. TYE Global is a unique program that helps high school children learn about the challenges and rewards of becoming an entrepreneur.

European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs- The major association of young entrepreneurs throughout Europe representing 40.000 members and aiming to support and improve the economic and social performance of young entrepreneurship in Europe.